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Today was busy!  Started off with quick cleaning and feeding of the 4 screech owls.  Then the outside owls and hawks, etc.  BUT today's suprize - I got to take a hawk over to Dr. Burwell's to be x-rayed and checked out.  Here is a stumper for you all to help us figure out!

(I will post pics when Dr. B. sends them to me.)

Hawk wing - shoulder very "burnt" and bloody.  The long feathers are curled....no, I am not kidding - they are curled!  Explain that??????  Small bone break, cleaned, fixed and put in the infirmary.  But we have no clear how that happend.  IDEAS?????

The great blue heron is outside now in her own enclosure.  The wing is healing up great but Dr. B was worried because the femur is HUGE!  The screws barely made it and luckily they were just long enough.  She is doing well and very happy in her pool and cage.

The american kestrel is doing wonderful!  we put the video camera out just in time to watch her flap her wing!  it's doing great.  I am soo relieved. we were really worried that infection was not wanting to clear up.

I am really excited about saturday. I am hoping the weather stays clear enough for everything to come together.  Everything is all set for the build.  Except the building the last couple of pannels and the door.  I will be posting pics sometime sunday night!

Everyone is doing really well.  One of the small screeches has some serious infection in his toe - but it's doing great.

Today I got to hold a hawk for the first time.  I wasn't scared, but more concerned that I would not hurt him.  I am strong and sometimes I am scared that I am going to hurt the birds when I hold them.  Have any of you gone through that???  How did you feel when you held your first hawk???

I still ahvce no clue about summer and what I am going to do. LOL I live near the Baltimore and the National Zoo - but they are too hard to get into for summer programs. I would love to get into a bird banding/watching program of some type - I just have no clue. LOL  As long as it has to do with birds or wildlife behavior.  Behavioral studies are of real interest.

So how is everyone doing out there? What interesting things have you come across?  Would love to find out!

Thank you to the person who reminded me about the shallow pan for the kestrel!!!!  She likes her new pan and is doing really well with it.



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