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Pictures are UP

Dr. Burwell sent me pictures of the Hawk with the burnt wings.  I would love some input from others who have seen this and dealt with it.  Also - does anyone take care of baby bunnies?  What do you feed them? How often? Etc.

The American Kestrel is doing great.  She is using her wing to fly down to the water, but hopping up to her favorite perch.  (Picture as well).

We moved 3 of the 4 screeches to a flight cage in the yard.  They are not the brightest bulbs in the yard by any means. LOL  They wanted to hang on the wall when there are two boxes set up for them and multiple perches. LOL

The vulture has been released and now in his old flight cage (after much cleaning on my part! wet and cold = grumpy intern) is the bard owl with the pinned wing.  He is doing really well now.

Our education animals are starting to realize it's time for working season. LOL  They are getting excited.

Our new intake sheets are being designed that will be nice along with my review of all the licences, forms, and laws on rehabs.  That is the hardest part of this internship I think.  Bird poop cleaning is soo much easier. LOL

Still no ideas for internship for summer. Sigh.  I looked at a place in NM that had environmental/biological education - the area I want to do most.  I am hoping to find bird studies maybe in DC or MD.  we'll have to see.  Right now I am focused on GIS, Geology and Community and Regional Environmental Studies.


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Mar. 20th, 2008 04:06 am (UTC)
There are 2 kinds of mammals, cache and carry. Humans are carry because human infants need frequent feeding. Rabbits are cache because the infant rabbit is only fed at night and mom is out foraging all day. The milk protein, carbohydrate and fat content are highly variable to meet the variable needs of cache or carry infants.

Here is a good article:
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